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We have launched new Yoga classes | Auro has yoga

We have launched new Yoga classes | Auro has yoga

We have dropped 6 new audio yoga classes! Now you can find your flow with our phenomenal new yoga coach, Lisa Willoughby.


“I found Yoga in 2010, stressed from work & looking for a place of calm. The practice lead me to a 30 day challenge which made a physical & mental impact, so I decided to attend teacher training.

Since then I’ve attended many other trainings to explore a wide variety of yoga philosophy. I recently qualified from Jason Crandell alignment based Vinyasa. Working with alignment is the safest way to practise & offers the best progression. I have taught on location across the globe, including New York, San Fransisco, India, Italy & Thailand.

Mastering this craft has been an incredible journey to have and to share. I’ve founded Willoughby Wellness to organically combine more health, mindfulness, and adventure into the lives of my students.

We have launched new Yoga classes | Auro has yoga


Yoga started Lisa’s journey to learning to respect her body & loving herself. She learned being truly happy comes from within. If you love what you do everyday you are on the path to loving life.

This experience has brought to light one one universal truth: Holistic Wellbeing is attainable for anyone, anywhere.

“The best asset we have to contribute to the world is ourselves. We must fully engage & look after ourselves physically, mindfully & spiritually to make our highest contribution.”

So what are audio yoga classes?

Never tried yoga? No worries. Currently practicing? We’ve got your back too. Lisa has curated flows for all abilities, with routines focused on strength, recovery, and meditation.

In Lisa’s yoga and stretch sessions, you can find a variety of options depending on your need for the day. Lisa will guide you through a routine, leading your transition from pose to pose. So simply plug in your headphones and follow along. Remember: it’s not perfect, it’s practice.

Whether you want to release tension in your shoulders after a long day, or stretch out your legs in a recovery session after a tough run, Lisa is here to help.

Tap the app and check them out! We’ve dropped 7 classes to get you started. Stay in the yoga loop by following Lisa’s journey on Instagram @lisavwilloughby, and let us know what you think on our community page!

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