Myflexifit is now Auro

Starting today, Myflexifit will transform itself into a slicker version of itself – Auro. But don’t worry: we are still the same, just better.  And we thank you for helping us get better.

It was your overwhelming feedback on the audio classes we had launched in January that inspired this change. These audio workouts, which were intended to make your outdoor and gym workouts more engaging, have clearly served the purpose.  These along with your favourite video workouts will now be available on the app.

We are still committed to delivering the best of fitness experiences to you. We thank you for your valuable feedback that helped this positive migration.

Your Myflexifit app too would have automatically upgraded to Auro. If you don’t have the app, we encourage you to download them – we are available on both iOS and Android.

If you have any questions, please do write to us at and we would be glad to answer your queries.

-Your friends at Myflexifit Auro