Nutrition Tips from Celebrity trainer Jane Wake

My Top tips on nutrition for eating success.

TIP 1 – Eat to Move , Don’t Move to eat

This means considering your meals in relation to when you are going to move. It’s about eating to energize yourself and being considerate about the fact that you really are what you eat! Eating the right foods first and foremost is about trying to improve your health. The bi-product is less weight , better looking skin,  greater energy levels, better sleep patterns and a less chance of getting life threatening illnesses. Compound that with the right exercise – such as the exercise on our HELLOFIT programme – and you are on the road to really doing something amazingly positive.    Considering food to energize in a positive way, i.e. eating to fuel your workouts rather than exercising to burn of what you have just eaten, you will improve your ability to workout far more effectively and you will be able to reap loads of benefits.  The rest of my tips will help to explain exactly how you can do this.  Read more