Hello Fit Class

Our mission @ Myflexifit has been to transform lives through connected fitness solutions and help people on their fitness journeys. As a part of our endeavour towards this mission, we have partnered with Hello- one of UK’s leading women’s magazines to provide their readers with access to a special 4-week workout plan #HELLOFIT designed by celebrity trainer Jane Wake.

Celebrity trainer Jane Wake, who is a part of Myflexifit’s team will conduct these classes that are easy to follow, and you can do it all from the comfort of your home whenever it suits you. It will leave you looking and feeling better in just four weeks

 The workouts combine two of the most scientifically proven and popular workouts of the moment – HIIT and Pilates – to create a plan that will transform your entire body, not only helping you to lose weight, but also lengthening and strengthening your figure at the same time, so you can expect to lose inches from your waist, hips and legs, and even drop a dress size. With no equipment needed it is the perfect plan to follow anywhere, at any time. For more of these workouts, check out www.myflexifit.com

Top nutrition tips will be provided to help you see the best results, but you won’t have to deprive yourself or cut out any food groups – simply eliminating snacking is the major factor that could help you transform your figure in just four weeks

We believe that fitness needs to fit around people’s lives and schedules and that fitness needs to become more accessible, affordable and available on demand. The #HelloFit plan is a next step towards achieving it

Come join the thousands across the world who will be virtually participating in this event.  Click Here to join the Class. 

Keep sweating!

Nutrition Tips from Celebrity trainer Jane Wake
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Hello Fit Class
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